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Humbled by worldwide support... Thank you!

Justin Efeosa-Wren - Monday, January 27, 2014

Thank you!


I’ve gotten overwhelming support since I’ve decided to go after this dream and to Fight For The Forgotten. I’m so thankful for this support, truly, the encouraging messages always seem to put a little extra “pep-in-my-step.”


I’ve gotten personal messages from people in Norway, Australia, Japan, Brazil, Uganda, South Africa, Germany, and even more. The support from people in the USA and from other far away countries have TRULY blessed me since I’ve been in Congo. It’s really crazy to me how small this world can shrink when it comes to posting and interacting online.


Now, I have been very blessed by all these emails & messages… But this pic BLEW ME AWAY. These are the Fight For The Forgotten website statistics. I just found out how to check and see the geographic locations of people who come to the website. WOW!



Since overcoming my battle with Malaria in December, thousands of people have come and visited the site, and it’s not even close to where we want the site to be yet. (Please continue to give us grace with that!) While thousands of people checking out the site is quite amazing, I find it even more amazing because of where everyone is from. I think it highlights what my heart desires… Fight For The Forgotten isn’t an American cause, it isn’t a Congolese cause, and it isn’t just a Pygmy cause, it’s a human cause!


I believe if you have a beating heart, you can connect with our vision, mission, and the things we hope to accomplish. Again, THANK YOU ALL for the support!


Live to love. Love to live.

Justin Efeosa-Wren